Friday, January 1, 2010

Update 12pm

Okay so I just tested again about 20 minutes ago and it's a negative test...I wonder if I missed my surge last night? The test I took yesterday was at 5pm, and then starting at around 9pm I had some pretty strong pains in both of my ovaries (more my left)...could that have been O? I'm going to test again today at 5pm to see if I get a darker test then. I mean in real life that test yesterday was sooo much darker than the picture shows, like it looked literally almost positive. I guess my chart will tell us too in the next few days. Thanks everyone for all the support!! I'm excited!

We ended up BDing anyways last night too, so if I did O, it ws perfect timing I guess. I will update after my 5pm test this evening


Kelly said...

You definitely could have missed it. Can these next 3 days PLEASE go by faster!?

OMG... what if we BOTH Oed last night and BOTH get PG this cycle... we'd have the same due date!! So fun...

Okay, back to trying to keep my hopes at a reasonable level. :)

Good luck!

MBT said...

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