Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back from my Clomid check

When I put my temp into myfertilitycharts.com this morning it said my O date was on CD 24 instead of CD21. Which really kinda makes sense seeing the huge temp spike. My Dr also said she agrees with cd24 vs cd21. On FF I put a +OPK on new years eve (when I had gotten that one that was super close) and it also changed my O date to CD24 but with dotted CHs. My projesterone draw I had done on CD21 was 0.8! That's way too low, but I'm doing another one in a few days to confirm O for CD24.

Also I've been having alot of pelvic pressure and when she was doing my vaginal exam today it was pretty painful when she was pressing on my uterus and my left ovary. So she wants me to go have an ultrasound, so I scheduled one for this Thursday. She wants to make sure I don't have any major cycsts or anything like that, which could rupture and make me really sick if we were to just to another round of Clomid right away. So we have to check for HOSS (hyper ovarian stimulation syndrome). I doubt I have it since last cycle the 50mg did nothing, and we only did 100mg this cycle. But hey what's another "syndrome" to add to the pile right? lol So if that comes back normal, she'll just call an Rx for Clomid over for me so I can have it before I leave for Mexico next thursday. The pain could honestly be gas though as I've been SUPER bloated! Like my stomach already looks like I've got twins in there!

She also did a pregnancy test (which is kinda dumb being as I'm now only 3dpo) which was with 3rd urine of the day lol. Obviously negative!

So yeah I've got a lot of work cut out for me over the next week and a half, and instead of being 6dpo I'm only 3dpo. But I'm still happy I'm in a 2ww. 3 extra days to wait is nothing compared to the year and a half of hell we've been through. At least we're making progress!


Unknown said...

I'm glad you're doing another blood draw to see if you did ovulate on cycle day 24, I hope it's a high number!

And Clomid can make you bloated. I had that problem the first month on it, but not so much now. Now I just have everything else: hot flashes, crankiness, dizziness and nausea. Oh the joy of fertility drugs!

Kelly said...

At least the appointments should make the 2WW go by faster!!!

I sure do hope you get your BFP this cycle... wouldn't that be amazing???? Ooo! I just got goosebumps! :)