Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's the end of 8dpo

The end of 8dpo is here, meaning I'll be 9dpo in an hour. How is this 2ww flying by so fast? I guess when you're used to waiting 6 months at a time for a natural cycle to pass, 2 weeks is nothing.

I'm getting really really nervous all of a sudden.

50% of me wants the 2ww to be over so I know if I'm pregnant or not.
50% of me doesn't want the 2ww to be over because I'm scared of testing.

Oh I've tested yesterday and today, but they weren't "real" tests. You know FOR SURE when you test at 7dpo and 8dpo that they will be BFNs, and the fact that I'm getting really close to the days others have gotten BFPs really scares the crap out of me.

Part of me says "Oh we've used all of our luck just by ovulating this cycle!"
The other part says "Oh but we've been through enough, and it's our turn now!"

Part of me says "There is no way anything has implanted!"
The other part says "But there were TWO eggs! More of a chance!"

Part of me wants to run around dancing and the other wants to cry.

So I sit here somewhere in between....

...Scared enough to be realistic...but happy enough to have hope.


Kelly said...

I am still holding out so much hope for you Amy!

Lindsay said...

hoping and praying for you... thinking that all your wonderful loving on my girlies yesterday must have told eggbert what a fabulous momma you'll be! I'd want to stick around if I were eggbert! hopefully all the wonderful wishes come true for jordy yesterday rubbed off on you.... she said the sweetest prayer for you last night that you would be able to have a baby soon! if her luck yesterday has anything to do with it, you're in good shape! hang in there girly - keep remembering that you are that much closer to all your wishes coming true!

Ginger said...

Best wishes to you! I understand the difficulty of the two week wait - we're on clomid cycle 2 and right in the middle of it.

Have enjoyed perusing your blog!