Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm 4 DPO today and had a beautiful temp spike today!!

Isn't it so pretty!? lol

Yesterday I had the world biggest migraine. I felt so nauseous too. I'm feeling pretty nauseous today too and my (tmi) nipps are hurting really bad. (which I had last cycle and it just might be a side effect from the clomid?) Time will tell! I'm not ever stressed in this very first 2ww! I mean I've been waiting for over a year and a half to O, what the heck is 2 weeks compared to that right!? lol


Kelly said...

It's funny because I don't really even think that waiting to test will be that hard for me. I feel like getting O was what I was really hoping for out of this cycle, so a BFP would just be icing on the cake!

Oh, and I just published that TTC blog the other day because I'm not quite ready to talk about the TTC stuff on my regular one. :)

I wish we lived closer so we could go do some fun stuff together during our 2WW!

Unknown said...

Ooh look at that spike! Thats exciting!

I know we keep 'missing' each other lately. But know that your still thought of, and that the fingers are still tightly crossed. I firmly believe you're gonna get there. I just believe that for some reason.. (Some reason that is entirely not fair at all...) it's taking it's sweet dreadful time.

Happy to see that spike though. Awesome!