Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jackson's 1st Disneyland trip

Today was our 3 year wedding anniversary so we decided to take Jackson to Disneyland for a couple hours and he LOVED it! He was so good and smiled at all the characters we met. We only took him on two rides, Snow White and Pinocchio and it was soooo fun to watch his face he was so wide eyed the whole time and even let out a loud "OOOH!!" in the middle of Pinocchio Adorable! I can't wait till he gets older and really "gets it"

I did tear up many times today because I'm a total sap, but especially when we met Mary Poppins and Bert, and Mary Poppins made a comment about how Jack will grow into his Mickey ears, and then she whispered to Jackson "try not to grow up too fast though, stay small for as long as you can and if you need help, a little trip to Neverland never hurt anyone." Way to get the water works going Mary Poppins! <3

I will post pictures a bit later.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Jackson

It's the night of my first mother's day and I sit here in our dimly lit living room holding you close while you sleep. Your chubby little hands squeeze my arm every now and then and just feeling you close makes me want to cry the happiest tears I have ever shed.

It's no secret we had to go through so much just to bring you here so I cannot tell you what a joyus occasion this first mother's day is to finally be crying tears of happiness and love instead of tears of sadness and heartache. We will have many more mother's days together, possibly (hopefully) with your future brothers or sisters, but this is my only first one. The most special of mother's days and I get to celebrate with you...my miracle.

I love you Jackson with everything that I am and everything I have. You and daddy are my entire world and you have made me the happiest I have ever been, just being my son. Women become mothers everyday, but not all of them get to be the mother of a true miracle.

Always know how wanted you were. How we prayed for you for years and dreamed of you...and you are better than our dreams.

Thank you for coming into my life...you have made it worth living.

I love you. I love you. I love you.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First laugh

Jackson just did his first little laugh!! Oh man that was soooo cute!! He's always done a fake one before, like when he smiles he will do a "haaaaah" sound but this was was "haaaah ha ha ha ha" lol Oh my gosh it was so cute! He did it twice and now wont do it anymore lolI hope he does it for DH when he gets home later! It was so funny too, Jack was screaming and crying and all the shushing wasnt working so finally I did a high pitched silly fake scream like mocking him and he stopped crying so I kept doing it and he started smiling and eventually laughed lol swoon swoon SWOON!!