Saturday, January 2, 2010


FF seems to think that I o'd on wed. Here's a link to my chart: I hope I did! I also got negative OPKs that day but don't have them on there. I hope it's right!


Samantha said...

so this is my first blog comment. I found yours just through google and decided to start my own blog because of yours! I know I'm really early in my journy and just wanted to thank you for sharing yours! Thanks!

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Thank you! Good luck on your TTC journey! I hope it's short and sweet!

Unknown said...

I would also call the doctors office and see about having a Progesterone level done 7 days after FF says you ovulated if your 21 day isn't high enough. Just because if you really didn't ovulate till day 21 then your level won't be elevated yet.

Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!