Thursday, July 29, 2010


I had another u/s today and everything looked amazing! We got to see Itty Bitty's arms and legs moving all over the place!! It was so cool! I am measuring ahead another day at 9w6d so I will be 10 weeks tomorrow and that moves my dd up to feb. 25th! so so cool!


It's so cool to see IttyBitty looking a little bit more like a baby! *swoon* head is on the right, arms are right below the head and little legs are to the left! His/her face is kinda tucked under and if you look reaaaaally close, you can *kinda* see where it is! We are so in love! Thank you all for the continued prayers and well wishes! We are so happy to share this with all of you!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Graduated from the RE today!!

We're back form our Graduation from the RE and it was amazing We got to see Itty Bitty again and he/she was moving all around and we got to watch!! It was so awesome! I'm measuring at 8wks 5d and the HB today was 165bpm. The RE's office gave us a little gift box with all kinds of baby stuff, it was really sweet! I'm so excited to move on to our OB next week!!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

We are Amazing

Never will I understand why 15 year olds get pregnant with twins while on the pill, while so many amazing men and women who could fully care for and are 100% ready to care of a new life have to wait years. Why are we tried time and time again for the only thing in life we would give anything for, while so many who don't even want that thing get it so easily?

Infertility forever changes you. It will always be a part of you. It's just like those people you know or hear about who go to war and suffer so much, and then return and something about them is forever different. This is our war. No matter how many children you have after battling infertility, it will always stick with you. You will always mourn loss of time, loss of babies from miscarriage, loss of normal life. Loss is a main character in this war...but we also have so much to gain.

We gain the ability to TRULY know, above all other parents, what a miracle our babies are.

We gain the feeling of utter love/happiness/success when finally seeing the word "pregnant" on a digital pregnancy test, when others would feel scared.

We gain the ability to never take anything for granted when it comes to our future children.

We gain the ability to never complain about being pregnant, or having morning sickness, or feeling pain from your ligaments stretching.

We gain the ability to tell our babes, when they are in our arms, how much they were wanted. How long we kept going to have them. How much we put our bodies through just to bring them here.

We gain the ability to have "miracle babies".

We gain empathy for others who are struggling in life, even outside of infertility.

I think it's safe to say that we can count our gains much more than our losses.

We are fighters. We are warriors. We are amazingly strong men and women. We have been conditioned to be the best parents on the face of the earth, and by that I feel lucky...

...So I raise my glass (of sparkling cider) to my infertile family tonight...all of you who suffer, past or present, empty hearts and empty bellies...all of you who consider yourselves "womb warriors" or "fertility fighters"...we are amazing people, and we have alot to gain.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

1st Ultrasound

He/She (only one) is perfect and measuring at 7weeks and 4 days! With a heartbeat of 151.78 bpm. My Due date for now is Feb 27th. We are so in love! We got to see and hear the heartbeat and of course I cried. lol It just feels so real now! I will write more later, I am so tired and had a super long day, but I wanted to update you all and show you IttyBitty's very first picture! xoxo


Friday, July 9, 2010

u/s Scheduled

We have our ultrasound scheduled for Thursday at 11:15!! I'm so excited I could pee!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beta # 4

Had my 4th Beta today and it came back at 25,163 which is great! She said she wants me to keep doing a weekly draw until the Dr says I can stop so that's okay with me! My progesterone was at 24 and even though it's dropped just a little, she said that's totally normal as it will fluxuate. I have to get my ultrasound approval to go through (because I'm still with my RE) and as soon as that does, she will call me asap and then we can do that. I think that's a great number and I'm super happy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

3rd Beta Results

I am so so so excited! Last thursday my HCG was at 420 and this thursday (today) it's 6313!!! Wow! My progesterone is 28 and she said that's good as well!

wow wow wow

I go for one more Beta next week and she said we can probably schedule my u/s for sometime during the 2nd week of July! I am over the moon excited! I still can't believe this is happening!

God is so sooooo good!