Monday, January 11, 2010

Eff you 9dpo

I had a huge drop in my temp today

Either it's an implantation dip or AF is on her way. I can't even look at my chart without bawling my eyes out. I think it might be over. We'll only be able to tell with tomorrows temp. If it shoots back up above my coverline, it could be an implantation dip. If my temp stays lower, then I'm probably out.

My heart kinda hurts right now.


Pris said...

Hey, I saw your chart. Fertility friend does say that one temperature doesn´t say much. So wait it out? Will keep checking on you. Can imagine how tiring it must be for you. Hold on to hope yeah. One day at a time. Can imagine your frustration.

I haven´t been trying long, but have had to sort out my irregular cycles. I had one 5-mth cycle, almost drove me crazy. My cycle is more regular now (at least for the last 2 mths) but I´m still not sure if I´m ovulating yet, but just to let you know, you´re not alone in this whole TTC thing.

Kelly said...

:( I know.

Unknown said...

I pray that this is just an implantation dip.

But if it's not just remember you have possibly over come one mountain this month and ovulated. Which was an awesome step! I was so down last month when I got a negative, but then I remembered that I did ovulate finally! So I did get a negative, but atleast I got to even hope for a positive instead of knowing there wasn't a chance at all.

It astill didn't stop me from being mad and upset, but it did shorten the time of dissapointment.