Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back form the Neurosurgeon

Okay we're back... We were actually only in there for like 10 minutes tops...the neurosurgeon said he thinks Jackson will probably just have a big head, but we won't really know unless we keep watching it or if we had an MRI done. He said since it's hard with little ones and the MRI (since you have to sedate them) he likes to save that as a last resort type thing since he doesn't like to sedate them if he doesn't have too (which I totally agree ) He also felt his head and said nothing has fused prematurely so that's good. So he want's us to come back again and see him in 2 months when Jackson is a little over 6 months old and re-measure everything and if it's still growing rapidly and off the charts then we will do an MRI then, but most likely it should slow down and come back on the chart. So we will wait and see, but we're pretty assured that everything will most likely everything will be okay. Time will tell, but I have faith. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Referral for Neurosurgeon went through

Thank you all so much for the prayers form my last post. Our hospital called today to let us know the referral for the Neurosurgeon went through at CHOC, so we can call CHOC tomorrow to schedule Jackson's appointment. We've had everyone in our family measuring their heads and we are all above average, so that's positive, I just think the concern was the speed of growth he's growing at. I wonder what the Neurosurgeon will check and how he will do it. I'm assuming he will do a CAT scan or something? I have faith that everything will be okay...but I'm still praying with everything I have for my guy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 Months Appt...

Well we had Jackson's 4 month appt today. He weighs 18lbs 10oz, and is 27.5 inches long.

They measured his head, and it's off the charts which concerned our Ped. She said since he's been born at every appt (birth, 2mos, 4mos) his head has jumped up 2 lines on the percentile chart each time which is strange to her. She said this could just be that he's going to have a naturally big head or it could mean something else. He also still has a flat spot on one side of the back of his head which he favors to lay on, and he has a little Torticollis which means his head tilts more to one side sometimes and he doesn't hold it straight all of the time like he should. She wants us to go to physical therapy for the Torticollis but before that happens we have to figure out why his head is growing so fast... so he's sending us a referral to one of the top Neurosurgeons at CHOC... I just want him to be okay. I'm scared. I asked her what could cause the head growth and she said it could be a genetic thing (Mike and I both have large heads) but we have to just make sure. I pressed her on what else it could be, because I know she didn't want to tell me, and she said since I asked it could also be fluid in his head/brain that could be causing it BUT neurologically he was right on target with his development (cooing, laughing, grabbing, lifting his head etc...) so she said that is really good because if it's fluid along with the head growth, it could hold him back a little big developmentally so it's most likely he's just going to have a big head naturally, but we just have to make sure.

I'm sorry I know I shouldn't be freaking, chances are that everything is okay, I mean he is a huge kid anyways really long and weighs almost 19lbs, but to have to take him to a neurosurgeon at CHOC I am just scared.

She was going to try and put in the referral fast so we can get him in quickly, and we have to have all of our immediate family have their heads measured to see if genetically we are all above average and take that with us, and then if everything is okay, then we can go see another specialist about the Torticollis.

I'm scared. I just love him so much...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Well this is new!!

I started AF all on my own, no Provera, no meds, NOTHING but my own body! This is such a huge thing for me!! Take that PCOS! I hope my cycles regulated after having Jackson! I've heard that can happen! Now let's see if this will be a normal cycle or a 200 day cycle like they use to be! I'm so excited!