Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just some ramblings and random thoughts.

I always like to have a backup plan...and a backup for my backup. We're planners that's how we roll! lol

Things we're thinking about right now:

*Mainly thinking about what we do if the Clomid does not get me to ovulate...

Well, I looked at our insurace again and for injectables it says
Copay: 50% per visit, Copayment maximum applies (our maximum is $1000) I'm assuming this means I would only have to pay a maximum of $1000 of each that correct? Any insurance people out there?

Aside from that, we are trying to figure out...if Clomid gets me to produce and grow eggs, just not drop them, then maybe do IVF instead of wasting money on cycles of injectables. (this is a new idea)

We are also very seriously considering adoption. A couple days ago we received our adoption information packet from Orange County Social Services and lists of available orientations. We've read over the whole process and understand everything, and might just go to an orientation just to check it out.

I'm welcoming all of you to comment on these thoughts and help us organize our thoughts as they are all over the place right now lol.

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