Monday, December 28, 2009


Lots of pains in both ovaries today, like they feel really full and have this like dull ache... and a little EWCM again. Temps haven't done anything crazy yet and still no positive OPKs. Here's my ff chart: So far we've BD CDs 10, 13, 15, 17 and we will tonight cd19.

I posted on the TTC boards in my O stalking thread and I'll post it here too...When I had originally gone in for my follie check on CD9, we all know I had the 14mm follie...but I also had a 7mm follie that we didn't think was worth mentioning...but now that 7mm follie is probably around 17mm and it's probably worth mentioning. Maybe my body wasn't going to O the 14mm follie (which should be full grown by now) and it was ment to O the smaller one (which is now a bigger one too), and that could be why I have so many O symptoms like the cramping and High CP (cervical position) and the EWCM, but have yet to O yet, because that little guy isn't full grown. Or I could always O both of them and have a nice set of twins! (lol not very likely)

Even though my projesterone test is on Wed, I have a feeling I won't O before then, but I feel like I'm not out yet. I will keep testing after the cd21 blood draw up untill my next Clomid check with Dr. L on the 5th.


Kelly said...

We both have appointments on the 5th! That's when I get my progesterone test done. What happens at the Clomid check? Will you just discuss what steps to take next??? If it doesn't work out for us this cycle (please let it work), hopefully we'll get to be cycle buddies again! :)

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

At the Clomid checks, she will just to a vaginal exam, more so to feel my ovaries. And then we'll talk about the next cycle and what our plan of action will be. I think I'm going to really press for the Trigger this next cycle. I hope we get to be cycle buddies again too!!

Nessa said...

I had a 7mm follie at my check too. I have a little hope left that it may still happen. I hope it does for you!!!