Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I need AF now!

AF isn't here yet and I hope she comes today because I have to call and make all of my appts as soon as she comes! I'm worried if she comes tomorrow (which I have a feeling she might) because I have to have a CD 10 ultrasound to check my follies to see if we trigger or not, and that would put my CD 10 on a Saturday, and I don't think they are open Saturdays or Sundays. If AF comes today my CD 10 would be on a Friday. Does anyone know if they can do a Follie (follicle) check on like CD9 or CD12??


tishi said...

I have no idea if they can do a follie check on CD9 or CD12, My clinic does the check from CD7 all the way until suspected ovulation and is open on saturdays. they have been able to see the size of follicles and suspect when they will release an egg the whole time, so CD9 or CD12 must be possible. What day do you normally ovulate?

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

I don't ovulate at all...for the past almost 18 months we have been TTC, no O. I'm hoping they can do it on CD12 since most girls O around 14-16 anyways and we'll probably have to to the trigger anyways too.