Friday, December 18, 2009

Back from my follie check.

I had my internal today to check for follies. She started out checking my right ovary first and said all there were were tiny little follicles and a whole lot of itty bitty cysts. Then she checked my left ovary which also has alot of tiny things going on.....and a 14mm FOLLICLE!!! They say for a good egg you want your follicle to be 19-20mm and that a follicle grows 1mm a day, and seeing as I'm only CD9...well that would put me at a 19mm follicle by CD14!! This is great news! She said we won't do the trigger this cycle because she's pretty sure I will O just from the Clomid! CD14 is Christmas eve and hopefully I'll O on Christmas eve or Christmas day!!!!


Nessa said...

This is such good news, Amy! I'm so glad you didn't have to go through 500 cycles of clomid before finding what works for you.

And I just have to tell you, my husband and I watched the movie "Up" last night, and I cried ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! Every time I started to get control of myself, something either happy or sad would happen in the movie that would make me start all over. Then I cried for about 15 minutes after it ended. OMG! It was ridiculous!!! I thought of the towel rack comment from the other day as it was happening too. LOL!!

Lana said...

That is great news Amy!! I am rooting for you!! C'mon Christmas miracle!

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Thanks Lana!! Hopefully we can be preggo together!!

Nessa- HAHAHAHAHAHA that is soo freaking funny! I have heard that movie was a real tear jerker!! I want to see it!

Nessa said...

Oh it definitely IS a tear jerker...but it hit me especially bad being on 200mg of clomid!! But it is SOOOO good and the story is so SO SO touching... Definitely watch it with your DH, because it's a good stay-in date night movie!!!

Lindsay said...

hurray! so happy for you cousin! :) you desrve all the happiness in the world (and a baby to go with it!)