Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CD 21

Had my projesterone blood draw today and man this lady hurt me! My normal girl that I like wasn't there so a different one drew my blod today and I already have a massive bruise! Yuck!

Still temping and my temps are all hanging around the same like 3 temps, which is okay.

My cycle buddy on the boards...I'll call her "K"...finally got her first positive OPK today and I'm sooooo excited for her!! Congratulations K!! She's just like me with the whole no ovulation thing and she's also on CD 21 today, and this was her first 100mg Clomid cycle too, so that gave me hope still! I have heard too that sometimes when you're on Clomid you ovulate later than normal, so maybe there's still hope for me yet!! Sooooo excited for her!!


Missy said...

I did my third round of clomid this month, my second at 100mg. I did not ovulate with the first 2 cycles, but according to my opk's and temps I ovulated on CD17 this time (I have not ovulated in over 4 years). I have my b/w today to confirm it. Sometimes it can take a few cycles to ovulate and you can ovulate late.

Good luck!!

Sweet said...

Fingers crossed.