Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just saw this

I just found this on our benefits:

Any services related to the harvesting or stimulation of the human ovum (including medications, laboratory and radiology service) are not covered.

I take it we're not covered for injectables? I don't know how many cycles of injectables we could do if we're not...So if a cycle of injectables would be like $4000...why not just try IVF if I can grow some eggs?

Soooo much to think about, I am so confused.

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Lindsay said...

i'd call the insurance company to talk to someone who knows what all this means... it is all very confusifying! i love you! i think its a great thought to go to a ocss orientation just to check it out... i know that god is going to allow you to be a wonderful mother to some sweet little one... i am honored to walk alongside you as we see how it will unfold... hang in there sweetie....