Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Provera in Hand

I picked up my Rx for my Provera and for my Z-pack this evening. I guess I'll call Nurse Perky to see if she got the results back from the blood pregnancy test, so I can start my Provera, although I think it's okay to start taking it as I had zero follicles at my follie check. If I start my Provera tomorrow I should have CD 1 by June 28th (I'm like clockwork with Provera, I ALWAYS start 3 days after my last pill.) Which means that my HSG will get scheduled for either July 5th, 6th or 7th. Wow that's really close! I start taking the Z-pack the day before the HSG to prevent infection.

I still haven't heard back about my 2hour GTT yet, but I'm hoping I will by the end of the week *fingerscrossed*

In the meantime I pray, pray, PRAY!



Greeny said...

I giggle every time you mention Nurse Perky... but I think that has more to do with my mind being permanently stuck in the gutter. What else was meant to happen? I work in a male dominated career!

Anyway, you'll have to give this dodgy Aussie cause I'm not down with this element of your lingo.. z-pack? What is that about? The only that it sound like in our terms is a Webster pack which is a blister pack divided by the day of the week, AM and PM that the pharmacist makes up for the oldies so they take the right dose at the right time! I assume what you're talking about is a little different given the reference to infection???

Yep... first week of July is mighty close!! Do you feel like you've stepped into the fast line with Dr. W yet?? :-D

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

LOL, I'm giggling out loud right now because the "perky" reminds me of the same thing and whenever I type it I feel a little giggly...yes I'm 5 years old! lol

A z-pack is short for Azithromycin which is an antibiotic. I always have to take z-packs since I'm allergic to penicillin.

And yes, I can't believe how fast all of these tests are going! I'm excited about it all!! xoxo

Greeny said...

Oh good! I am glad that it isn't just me that had THOSE thoughts spring to mind! LOL!

Aha! Yep, azithromycin is something I am very familiar with and that's a pretty cool short hand for it. Everything is so clinical here, unless we're talking about an illicit substance in which case it has more nicknames than you can poke a stick at!

Oh yeah! I bet you are!! This is such an exciting time for you and I am really hoping now that you're in the fast lane we'll see some BFP action from your corner too! xxxxx

Unknown said...

Good luck with the HSG! I had one last month and it hurt like hell for about 10 mins and then the pain was over. Be sure to take some Advil or Motrin before hand, I think that helps with the cramping afterwards. As in I had very little.

I didn't have to take antibiotics though...which now that I think about it I'm surprised about since I have to take them before having my teeth clean because of my MVP and the huge risk of infections. Oh well...good thing I'm ok, lol.