Thursday, April 8, 2010


Remember all the months of hassle that I had to go through to get an infertility referral? Well our insurance thru mikes work changed and now I have to go through it all over again!! I am sooo beyond upset/sad. It would be one thing if it was easy to do, but all these people at my primary just don't know what the heck they're doing and ALWAYS mess up! So My clomid check had to get canceled and I shouldn't even do my projesterone draw, but I think I'm going to anyways. OVER EVERYTHING!


Holly said...

oh geeze! How frustrating! I hope everything gets sorted out *hugs*

suz said...

Are you KIDDING ME!?!! That's enough to make a woman jump off a tall building and aim for sharp objects. Hang in there. You won't need it once you get that BFP this month. :)

Samantha said...

I can't imagine having to deal with this! As if enough wasn't already going on... I'm so sorry girl!

ElizabethMcKinnon said...

aggghhh, well at least now you have experience and you know how to tell the peeps how to do their jobs... hopefully this wont take too long... :-/

AlanaStevens said...

Have you thought about excluding those two high (febrile) temps? Might make you happier with how your chart looks :)

Don't give up hope! I didn't O until around CD19 on Clomid. And I know some women O even later than that. The month I got pregnant I got my positive OPK on CD20!

liz said...

dont give up! I had to go through alot also to get the approval from my insurance company to be able to see a specialist, it will work out for you!
i really admire what you have written about, its nice to be able to know that other people go through some of the same things!!

baby dust to you!