Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too Cool to Ovulate

Well it's CD 29 and my OPK this afternoon was barely even there. I mean you would just think that at least once in the past almost 2 years my body would ovulate...nope, I guess my ovaries are too cool for that. My temps have gone back to normal for a while now, and every day I wake hoping to see a temp spike, but alas, none comes. Here's my chart...

I think the high early temps were because I had the flu the week prior and had temps of 103, so I feel like the higher ones I had this cycle were like "flu-temp aftershocks" lol

Hopefully my referral goes through soon and I can get in to see Dr Wizard, or "The Wizard of Oz" as my cousin called him today lol (I love that).

My parents are amazing and after reading my worried post about injectables a few days ago, have said that they want to help pay for our treatments. It's just so much money, which makes me feel so bad, but my Mom said "Just think of it as we're investing in our family." <3 I am so completely grateful that they want to help us. I really am very lucky to have my parents. Besides the financial support, they have always been there for whatever emotional support we have needed, and I could never thank them enough for all they have done for us.

My parents tried for somewhere around 5-6 years to get pregnant, going through cycles of medication and years of the constant pain and suffering we all know infertility causes...till they finally (miraculously & naturally) got pregnant with me. Two more babies (my brother and sister) followed shortly after I came. So they know the pain and the hurt that we (DH, myself & all of you out there in the infertile community blogland) have to suffer through every single day of our lives. Their story gives me hope...and I pray it does the same for some of you.

I know somewhere deep in my heart, that one day it will happen for all of us.


Greeny said...

As much as it is sad to hear that your parents had struggles with fertility, it is also a blessing in its own way. Being able to talk to them and tell them what is happening... that's fantastic. No pressure, no annoying hints etc. because they understand.

I'm to start on Clomid for the first time next cycle and have been told I most likely have endo - will be having a lap to confirm.

At the moment I'm really feeling a plethora of emotions and would love to be able to share it but I can't do that with my family. I'm surrounded by the super fertile. My sister and I were both accidents. My sister is 34 with one easily conceived duaghter and an accidental on the way. As much as they would care and sympathise, they couldn't truely understand. My mother would most surely send a constant stream of emails with the latest "research" showing that life itself causes infertility and miracle herb X increase the odds of conception etc.

It is really, really wonderful what you've got. :-)

Hopefully your wiz doc can give your ovaries the little shove that they need to get going and baby making. :-)

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

G.S.- *hugs* Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry, that has got to be hard to be surrounded by super fertile people in your family. Just know your online "TTC Family" will always be here for you! xoxo I really hope the Clomid will do the trick for you!! Good luck on your Lap, too, I will be thinking about you! *hugs*

Kelly said...

That is so sweet of your parents. :love: I'm sorry that it looks like this is another busted cycle, but I hope Dr. Oz (oh wait, there already is one of those...) Dr. Wiz gets you going with something that works for you!

Emi said...

I think it's quite sweet of your parents as well! I too am 'blessed' (?) with an infertile family that understands what DH & I are going through. It makes 'easier' in some regards.

I can't wait for you to see the Wizard!

Jillian said...

What a loving and supportive family you have! :love: I'm so glad this will take a little of the burden off you both.

Lindsay said...

yes, amy, you do have fabulous parents. I love them! I just know that Dr. Wizards is going to fill your house with Ohhs and Ahhs! :)

Holly said...

I'm so sorry you're dealing with this but so glad you have such supportive and inspiring parents. You're right our time will come *hugs*