Monday, April 12, 2010

CD 19

CD 19 and my temps have finally dropped back to a normal range.

I had been sick right before I started temping this cycle, so I'm pretty sure that is what caused the higher than normal temps. I'm still getting negative OPKs, but I'm not giving up hope yet for this cycle. I think if I do O, then it might be soon, my OPKs have been getting slightly darker, and last night I actually had some EWCM.

I stopped by my primary today to get my new referral and since I want to try someone new, then I have to make an appointment with my primary, or else he could just write it up today for the same girl I have been seeing, so I made an appointment for thursday morning to get my new referral. Hopefully that will go through fast and we'll be able to get in with someone good.

I can't believe we're getting so close to our 2 year mark.


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I'm sorry, I was really hoping that was your O. Way to early to give up though.