Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sooo I suck and I didn't drink any parsley tea yesterday lol. I just really really hope my Dr calls today with some good news about my ultrasound. I think If I don't hear from her today I'll try her tomorrow. If she still doesn't have any results, I'm half tempted to just ask for a referral to the RE that's down the hall from her, because It's sooo hard to do anything through my Dr. She's a great Dr, it's just that it's hard to get in with her, and hard to get results somewhat soon.


Samantha said...

did she ever call back?! It's not fair for you to have to wait so long... I hope everything works out and that you can get things going again!

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

No!! Uggg, I called earlier today and they said it could take up to 10 working days, so hopefully tomorrow or monday...grrr