Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bye Bye Clomid CD7

So I've been sitting here for the past 2 days with a temperature of 103. Just lovely. It's down to about 100 right now, so I'm feeling a bit better. It was strange how fast it came on and I really hope that it leaves just as quickly. I am glad that I got it now and not closer to O time.

I took my last dosage of Clomid just a few minutes ago and I hope that's the last time I have to take it for a long time! I have a feeling it's going to work this just a feeling I will actually ovulate. Ovulation would be divine! All day today I have had pinching in both ovaries so I hope I've got a couple follies growing away! We're not doing a follicle check this cycle, just going to temp and OPK it up.

I do think that I had a couple small cysts burst yesterday. It felt just like the last big one that burst that put us on a 2 month time out, but this time it didn't feel anywhere as bad so I'm not very concerned about it.

So now we test and temp and wait till we see O!

I'm not very stressed or obsessed this cycle like any of the others which I think will only do us good. Trying to stay calm and relaxed..........we'll see how long that lasts.

Peace, love and babydust!


Emi said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I hope your Clomid works it's magic on your ovaries!

*speaks to the ovaries*
Come on! Produce some eggies!

Anna said...

Yay! Sending you lots of baby dust and good wishes!

Kelly said...

I can't wait!!! But no scan??? I'm glad you get to spare yourself the expense, but oh the anticipation!!!! :babydust:

Ashley said...

Im so hoping the Clomid works for you this cycle sweetie!!!! Fingers and toes crossed!!!!!

Holly said...

so sorry to hear you're sick.
hope you are feeling better soon!

suz said...

Yea yea yea!! This is exciting. I'm expecting big things from you this cycle. :)

Anonymous said...

Germs totally sidelined us earlier this year - it sucks when you're sick and TTC!

Thanks for your glossary of abbreviations, by the way - there were some new ones in there for me. Today I blogged about IPS, for example - the abbreviation would have come in handy!

Good luck! Feel better soon...