Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More insurance stuff

Mike and I have a new insurance through his work so I decided to call and see what kind of infertility coverage is on there, and just like our other one they pay 50% of copays and all that good stuff up to IUIs. IUIs and IVFs aren't covered, but I didn't think they would be. I asked him about injectables, and he said they should also be 50% covered, but I don't know I'm not holding my breath that they really are. I just have a feeling that they are not, like the way he said it was more of a "I don't see why not" and not a "yes they are"...why can't insurance be easy!?

Oh well it doesn't matter, I'm going to ovulate and get pregnant this cycle anyways *wink-wink*


Kelly said...

Yes you are!!!

I agree about insurance! Why can't they just put it in writing or a simple chart? I have called numerous times to ask questions about this stuff and I can never get a answer that sounds confident - like the person knows what they are talking about!

tara @ the every things said...

insurance is so blahh!
& yeah who cares your getting preg this cycle! :) BABBYY DUSTT!

Britney Snyder said...

I haven't had to deal with Insurance i bet it is stressful and us girls don't need anymore stress!!!

Sending lots of baby dust you way :) :) :) :)

Holly said...

love that positive attitude! This will be THE cycle and you can start worrying about your insurance's maternity and prenatal coverage instead :)