Sunday, January 18, 2009

Update on the OPK's

Soooooo I just learned how OPK's really work...and I may not have actually O'd Photobucket

I may have and when I tested it could have been right after that, since they have gradually gotten a little lighter...but who knows. I think I will start temping, but do understand that 100% either. I know how to do it, just don't really understand what you look for in the temps?

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Hollister said...

Hey, this is the first entry in your blog I was actually able to comment on. Something is wrong with the older entries :p

And yes, it sounds like you have the hang of OPKs now. The test line needs to be as dark OR darker than the control line. It's negative if it's a faint line. Not like HPTs at all :(
Temping is only good for establishing whether or not you have O'ed, and when... and when AF is going to come, or not come. You look for a sustained rise in temps and fertility friend will automatically plot an O date if you have three consecutive days that are above your "coverline"... which is like a base temperature line Pre-Ovulation.
You can read a lot about temping on the fertility friend site.