Monday, January 19, 2009

Late night rambling

I've been reading more about temping, and I'm gonna start tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna call my doctor tomorrow...or tues if they aren't open tomorrow for MLK day...and try to make an appointment, because one period in 6 months, just doesn't sound normal to me. I want to just get checked out, like I feel like something isn't right and I just want to make sure, so I put my mind at ease. I know that PCOS runs in my family and I think it would be a good idea to get checked for that. I just feel like it's taking so long. I know some people have tried waaaay longer than we have, like my took them 8 years to get pregnant with me!!! That is a long time. I think like 5 different doctors told them they would NEVER have children, yet they had 3. Even if something is wrong, I know there is still hope. There's still a light at the end of that tunnel......sure the tunnel may be a billion miles long, and that light hardly there... ...but it's there...... ...that I'm sure of.



Hollister said...

Hey hun, yeah its definitely not a good thing to have a period for six months. But you are right, thank goodness we are young! Bah... every time I make punctuation marks in this text box it throws me out of it... sooo I wont be making punctuation marks. Im hitting up my doctors office as well because as you can see in my blog, my cycles are waaaaack too! And they never used to be! I was sooo regular before the pill, regular on the pill (6 years), and even pretty darn regular after it.... until a year later :( Yeah, youd THINK it would be the other way around!?!

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Hi girl! That is really weird that yours were normal for a while after BC, but then go all crazy on you! It's just so frustrating wanting to TTC like everyone else, but its like we have extra set backs!! What have your doctors said about it?