Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TTC #1

Long story short, my husband and I got married May 24th 2008. We both really wanted to start a family soon, so a month after we got married we decided to start trying to conceive (TTC) our first child.
When I was younger I always had very irregular periods so I was put on BC to try to regulate it. When I came off BC a month after we were married, my periods stopped. My doctor wanted me to wait about 6 months to see what would happen and just basically let it get out of my system. Well almost 6 months to the day, my periods FINALLY started back up again which was at the beginning of this month. I feel like we can really start trying now because before there was like basically no chance whatsoever.
I wanted to start this blog just to record our TTC journey. A place to keep all of my rants and raves. And hopefully someday soon, to share the news of a new baby, and the journey we took getting there.


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ElizabethMcKinnon said...

And He said, "And they lived happily ever after!"