Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just typing it out

No real news yet...still in my 2ww, or at least what I think is my 2ww?? The 13th & 14th I think I got 2 positive OPK's...they were very faint, but I know I saw them and Mike said he could see them too, so I don't think it was me just being crazy. So if I really did ovulate, then I would be about 5 DPO?? I think?? It's still confusing to me how to work out the days and all. I'm still learning. It's soooo hard waiting to see what happens. I want to test, but it's so pointless at this point if I'm only 5dpo! Photobucket

Even if AF comes, I still will be somewhat excited since it means I actually had a somewhat normal cycle. (Bring on the witch Photobucket I'll take her on!) Keep me in your prayers, and send some baby dust my way! I'll post more later!


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