Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have a new plan!

I still have not heard back from anyone about the authorization, although I have a feeling I will hear back by at least tuesday.

One of the girls in the forums brought up something today i have never heard of before... Soy Isoflavones. It's a vitamin and basically "natural Clomid". Well I did some reseach and looked at one of the big PCOS message boards and sooo many girls have tried this and it has gotten them to ovulate. I think I want to try it. I think tomorrow I will get my Provera filled, I will go buy some soy isoflavones and I will take them. I'm done waiting in my life and I need to be more proactive. You take them just like clomid on CD 3-7. I need to figure out how much to try first...some of the girls were doing 80mg a day and some were doing 400mg a day. I think for my first cycle, I will try 100mg. I heard a bottle of this stuff is about $8. Way cheaper than a bottle of Clomid and a $200 infertility appointment. If this stuff works, I will be so happy. Normally I'm not very easily excited about just trying "natural" ways, but if soooo many girls are saying it worked for them, I think I'm just a little excited!


tishi said...

Good for you for taking things into your own hand, waiting
just sucks. I have no experience with the soy isoflavones but
I have been working mostly with natural means of fertility
enhancing. I have a naturopath and a chinese medicine dr.
that work closely together to help my cycles. Since
working with them my BBT's have shown more of a
temperature spike during ovulation and my temperatures
are no longer all over the place. My periods show up like
clockwork now and I really feel the work that I have done
with them has improved my chances of conceiving. Although
I have not gotten pregnant yet, I know there are changes taking place, and if nothing else I am healthier.

Good luck to you with the Soy, I really look forward to
hearing how it goes.

Kelly said...

Interesting... I'm excited to see how this works for you!

Sweet said...

Good a "trying" couple, I am feeling all of this right now.

Jenn said...

Good luck friend. I wish you and Mike all the best. I've never known anyone who wanted to be a mother more than you. Baby vibes and fertility dust going your way...

Amber C said...

Good luck to you! I can't wait to read all about it! I enjoy your blog and wish you the best.

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Thank you so much girls! <3