Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DH cracks me up!

Here's the convo I just had with DH:

Me: "I think I want to try Pre-Seed"
DH: "Okay"
Me: "Do you even want know what it is?"
DH: "Not really *laughs*"
Me: "Jeeze, I just want to be able to talk about baby making!"
DH: "Oooooh, I thought it was something for Farmville."


God love him.


Hi there! said...

LOL! That is funny! Maybe you can try Fertilaid for men and women? It comes in a two pack. It helps with good CM as well and helps the mans sperm mobility and count. It's the only thing that worked for us! It's all natural so you can probably take it with your other medications.
Good luck and thanks for the laugh!

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Hi Jenny!

I have thought about fertilaid in the past, but you can't take it with Clomid. Maybe one cycle with no Clomid or Soy, we'll try that! Thanks!

Melissa Calhoun said...

Just wanted to let you know that the month we finally conceived we used pre-seed. Although clomid helps you ovulate it is best used with IUIs. That being said Clomid can, sorry for the TMI, dry out your cervical fluid. Preseed helps with that. Not sure if that's what did it but it can't hurt. Thinking of you


Mama said...

I used Preseed when I conceived DD.
This go around Ive been trying for 8months & I use PreSeed here & there. I do think it helps but sometimes I wonder if it just makes everything leak out faster.