Thursday, September 3, 2009

I wish I had a Few Good Eggs

I went into the book store tonight to get some cute books for my God-kids (twins) who just turned 8 today. While I was there, I was browsing the women's health section and I saw the book A Few Good Eggs: Two Chicks Dish on Overcoming the Insanity of Infertility by Julie Vargo & Maureen Regan so I bought it. Both of the authors have struggled with infertility, and it seems like a good book from what I've flipped thru so far, but I'll really start reading it tonight and give a little review when I'm done.

On the cover of the book there's this cute little baby popping out of an egg shell, and the guy that was ringing me up, held the book up and looked at it and said the baby looked just like his nephew. "Crazy" I said. He went on..."He is the cutest kid ever"..."Man I love that kid"..."Man babies are awesome"..."OMG he just learned how to potty train TODAY!" *as he throws his fist in the air for victory* "yay, congrats to him...." Normally stuff like that would bother me and just make me feel sorry for myself and think "maaaaaaaan, I want a baby to potty train and make me want to punch the air." *pouty face* But I was actually fine this time. Either the numbness is just getting stronger, or I'm just realizing how to suck it up and not cry over every little thing. Either way I was proud of myself.

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Jenn said...

When you finish reading it, I will tell you what I think about it :)