Monday, September 28, 2009

Good appointment

Our appointment was good today. I was in the waiting room by myself waiting for my name to be called and all of a sudden some guy sat right next to me and I looked up and it was Mike! <3>

So we go in and we talked about how the metformin still hasn't worked so... She said we could either have an HSG done first (where they shoot dye up your cervix to see if either of my tubes are blocked) and then start Clomid OR Do a few rounds of Clomid and if nothing happened then go back in and do our HSG and then our IUI. So we decided we'd like to just do the Clomid first. She went over Mike's SA results and said everything looked amazing.

So this is our plan...

*She gave me my Provera perscription.

*Her insurance girl has to talk to my insurance just to make sure everything is covered.

*She wanted an "infertility referral" from my family Dr (but he did this a while ago so she just needs to verify that he did that)

*She game Mike and I a few blood tests we have to do to make sure we don't have certain diseases (but I can't do mine until that lady calls me)

AFTER all this is done, (we have 2 weeks to do it all) then I go back in and get my perscription for the Clomid. SO since it has to be timed perfectly, I'm not going to start my Provera for a week, just to buy us enough time so I that way I have the Clomid when it's time to start taking it. It all feels chaotic, but I'm so so happy.


Lindsay said...

i've only checked your blog like 4 times already today... :) mike gets super husband award- and i am glad that progress is being made! xoxo

Lisa said...

I too had a good appointment last week. I've been reading your blog for awhile and dealing with similar things. Metformin isn't working for me, but my first round of clomid did produce a follicle and now we are waiting to see if we were able to "do it" right. Good luck to you!

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Thanks girls!

Good luck to you too Lisa!