Monday, June 29, 2009

Dr. Appt. Update


Ohh yeeeeah...that's my daily pill supply. We upped my metformin today to 2000mg a day from 1500mg. She said she wanted to try the full strength of the Metformin before we tried Clomid, which I understand, and my wallet is thankful because the Met is covered on our insurance...Clomid-not so much. She also perscribed another round of the Provera to induce my next cycle, so I don't run a risk of uterine cancer.

My next appointment is in September, and if I haven't started then, we'll induce again and make plans for Clomid in October. She actually said that she would recommend CLOMID+IUI right off the bat in October since we will be TTC for 16 months by then. So DH and I will talk and try to figure out if we want to just try a couple cycled of Clomid on our own first, or if we just want to dive in head first and go for the IUI. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Part of me just wants to do it, but part of me just wants to try at least a couple cycles on our own. I need to find out also what the IUI's cost at my Dr. She didn't know, but said I could call St. Jude's insurance and find out, because our own insurance covers like next to nothing for fertility treatments.

In September Mike will probably have to do his first SA, and from what he's said hes 100% okay with it, which makes me happy, because I know that can be completely embarassing. I'll have to do a few extra tests too.

The good thing is that my OBGYN can prescribe the Clomid and do the IUI, so I won't have to find an RE (yet). It's just crazy that we were sitting there today planning for a possiable IUI a few months from now. I always think of IUI's as like "the big leauge". I've come a long way.


For those of you that don't understand the abbreviations, you can find them all here


melissaabarnes said...

good luck moving up to the 2000mg of Met... It took me awhile to get up to that.. and even some days I can't get all 4 pills in.. took at least a month of side effects to get up to 2000mg and be ok. Good luck!!! :)

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Thanks! I had like only a week of side effects the first week of the met, but I'm *hoping* it will be okay this time, since I was already at 1500. lol Those side effects...not so good.

Ginny said...

I know at lots of pharmacies Clomid isn't very expensive, $9 for 5 pills and $18 for ten. Good luck!