Monday, June 15, 2009

CD 90

Vegas was awesome...lots of fun had by all I'll try and do a quick run-down
-pick up KJ
-drive to vegas
-Sonic in Victorville?? We've never been let's go
-nasty tootsieroll slush
-stop at Calico
-guhzizzard (our mix between godzilla and a was huge)
-stateline meet up w/ greg r, greg l, Kristin, Britt, steve, Jon
-check in at luxor ultimate connecting party room/rooms
-get ready and head downstairs
-gamble, drink, gamble
-find Steve, jimmy, Lance, David and Rachael in bar
-vip wristbands for cathouse
-didn't go to cathouse
-on the list for Tryst
-didn't end up going to tryst
-walk down strip
-drunk guy pissing me off
-KJ wants to go back to hotel
-back in room at 2

-hung out in casino all day
-me: I want to play video poker. mike: okay...mike wins $200
-an hour later: me: oh lets play video poker again. mike: Okay...mike wins $200 again
-got ready
-went to Venitian for cocktail party in U.M.'s suite
-RBV's VWV's and too much talk about VTM lol
-didn't take Met so I could drink
-took 4328914 pictures
-left party around 11?
-Mike bought me a huge swarovski crystal zebra ring
-O'shays with like 30 people from my family
-Ceasars gambling
-Ceasars frozen drinks outside, thank you Stevus
-Cab ride back
-Mike's hungry, we didnt have dinner
-Mc Donalds at 3am
-Criss Angel ordering food next to me
-Criss Angel elbows me in the Angel: OMG honey I am so so sorry!

Random, fun trip.

So cd 90 and nothin's changes, still get pangs/twinges in both ovaries every single day. Today I started taking Vitex & Dong Quai to hopefully try and regulate. I'll pretty much try anything at this point. I have a Dr. appt on the 29th to induce again and talk about what's happened...which will be nothing...the 26th marks one whole year of TTC...oh joy of joys.


Hollister said...

That is hilarious, random, and cool

The McD's must be right across from Luxor or something is it?

Anyway very cool trip... your ring sounds fab!

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

I know it was soo random! It was at the one inside the Luxor, I think he might have just gotten done with a show or something

Ashley said...

Bless your heart! You're so strong!! I really admire you!! Praying for yoU!!

Lindsay said...

i love you amy! thanks for the play by play... it was almost like being there... well not even close... but seeing as i went on bedrest 3 days later, i guess it was a good thing i wasn't there...

{R}.{M}.{O}.{D} said...

love the play by play, haha and the cris angel thing hillarious! woohoo for a fun trip. love the ring too. oh but totally unforgiveable that you ate at mcd's but not in-n-out, unforgiveable! haha!