Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Wops and a Gondola

Yesterday was such an awesome Valentine's Day! The whole day was so much fun, and it was our first one being married! We woke up and Mike went for a run and when he got back I made us some yummy omelettes. We lounged around and watched tv. Later we got ready and headed out to dinner. We went to BJ's in Irvine (which I knew about). The whole time at dinner I was so anxious because of the big "surprise" Mike had planed for us. I kept asking him questions about it, trying to figure it out, but he wouldn't give me anything to go with lol. So we finished dinner around 6:45 and started driving. It's so weird being in a car and not have any idea of where you're going.

So we end up at Newport Beach and it's only about 7:15 and the surprise didn't start till 9 so we walked around and window shopped. We stopped at a cute restaurant on the bordwalk that looks over all the yatchs in the harbor and had a few drinks at the bar to kill time. Finally it was time for the surprise and we walked a couple doors down and into a Gondola ride shop! We got checked in and our gondolier met us down at the dock (dressed in full gondolier getup). It was sooo cute. Mike and I on this big gondola with our gondolier pushing us all around Newport Harbor and Newport Island. It was so dark out and we could see all the stars in the sky including my wishing star (the center star on Orion's belt) and Mike and I both made a wish on it (Mike wished for a house on Newport Island and I wished for a baby lol). The whole time the gondola had Italian music playing. We shared a basket of cheese, salami and bread, and a bottle of sparkling cider. It was soooo cute! They had us bundled up in a blanket and even though it was so cold out, we were so warm cuddling on the front of our gondola. The whole ride was about an hour long and it was amazing!

I have such a great husband. I am thankful for everything I have with him. He is such an amazing, sweet and caring guy!

So that was my big surprise date and I loved it!

I love you Mike!! xoxo


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