Monday, February 2, 2009


So yesterday morning I woke up and took an HPT, with the same online brand I've been using for months. I went and took my dog to go outside and came back in like 8 minutes later because he took for EVER to go to the bathroom, and saw a super super barely there light positive line, so I took it upstairs to DH and he said he could see it too. I've never gotten an evap line on those during the whole time I've been using them (I'm notorious for checking them an hour later "just to make sure"). So I thought, well maybe it's an evap line, but got really excited, sooooo I waited 3 hours and didn't drink anything, so I still hadn't drank anything yet, and then took a Clear Blue Digital...BFN (negative) I totally thought this was it, and I feel sooo broken inside. It was a total evap line.

I did a FRER this morning, and BFN again. So yeah, no baby. At least I still have my fertility specialist appt on thursday to look forward to.

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