Monday, February 8, 2010

My sex schedule...when not on a schedule...look away dad look away

I called today to schedule my follow up ultrasound, but radiology changed locations, so I'll call the new location tomorrow and try and get in for Thursday the 18th. I'm excited! I'm pretty sure all fluids will be gone since I'm no longer having any pain, and as long as everything is all clear, My Dr will call me and give me the go ahead for 150mg Clomid this cycle and she'll even call in the Rx so I don't have to go into her office and pay an infertility co-pay of $101 thankyouverymuchDrL! I think I'm going to also ask her what she thinks about doing a HCG trigger shot this cycle so hopefully when I go in for my follie check ultrasound we have some nice big fatty follies (hopefully more than one) and we can trigger. We shall see. I'm very excited about the 150mg this cycle. I have a feeling it's going to do amazing things and hopefully it will be our magic number!

I hope I Oed all by myself this cycle, but I guess only time will tell as I'm only on CD 27. If I did O, it could have been anywhere between CD 21 & now, and If I did, we've got a fairly good shot this cycle being as for some unknown reason (probably the lack of stress since we're on a TTC "break") I've been in the mood more times than not and *ahem* have BD quite alot. Let me break it down for ya... (here's where we get too personal and I'd like to advise my Father to look away if your reading....Okay Dad, you've been warned...)
CD 15 4 times in one night...yes my DH is a stud
CD 16 Once in the morning, twice that night
CD 17 Once at night
CD 18 Twice at night
CD 21 Twice that night
CD 23 Once that morning
CD 24 Once at night
CD 26 Once at night
and I'm pretty sure with dragging DH into Fredericks of Hollywood tonight so I can buy bras, the BD bonanza will continue tonight

*wiggles eyebrows*


Hi there! said...

WOW! You've been busy!!!! LOL! Good luck!

Kelly said...

I'm exhausted just reading this!!!

dragondreamer said...

Can you give your DH my DH's phone number so he can share the education??? :hehe: Who knows.. maybe you "Oopsed" :fingerscrossed:

Greeny said...

Echo the PP!

That kind of schedule is like a fairy tale in my house! :-O