Sunday, August 30, 2009

Polish girls should not be allowed to walk in heels.

My friend was getting married yesterday and I was going into work just to do her makeup for her wedding and then was gonna go back home and get ready to go to the wedding. I left my appartment and walked across the street to my car. Put my makeup case in the back seat, closed the door and proceeded to walk to the front door and BAM! I was on the ground. I have no idea how it happened, but I felt my right foot wobble and then I landed on my hands, my left knee and my right foot. It hurt so bad and I just sat there in the street for a minute a little in shock and trying to hold back tears while the gardeners across the street just stood there and stared at me sprawled out on the asphalt. I stood up and got into my car and sat there. My leggings hadn't ripped but my left knee hurt so bad, and when I peeled back my leggings, a few layers of skin came with it, and all of a sudden my foot started throbbing! It hurt so so bad! I had to go to the doctor bad, but I had to go into work so I didn't leave my friend hanging on her wedding day! I found flip flops under my seat in the car (thank God). So I hobble into work and it really hurts to walk, and my manager and our cleaning girl see me comming, and rush over to help me, (so great of them). My manager cleaned my knee and bandaged me up and my cleaning girl set my foot up on ice at my station. So I do her makeup and then one of the other hairstylists helps me back down to my car and I drive to urgent care.

I go in, and get checked in and sit in the waiting room. I don't know what happened between leaving the salon and sitting in the waiting room, but all of a sudden my foot hurt so so bad and I could not put any pressure on it. (It was probably that I was putting pressure on it at the salon while I was working) So they had to take me back in a wheel chair, which was so embarrassing lol. So my knee got re-cleaned and bandaged up and I had xrays done on my foot (which I was sure was broken) but only turned out to be a very bad sprain. So they wrapped my foot and now I'm on crutches. Could my day yesterday get any worse?.....oh wait a minute....yes...yes it can!

So I drive home which hurt soooo bad. (I was alone because Mike had to work since the semester just started) I was able to break with my left foot, but to press the gas with my right foot was torture and of course I cried all the way home! I get home and get my crutches out and start walking to my appartment. (My appartment looks more like a little town home, 2 story, but also like a duplex because we share a porch with our neighbor.) So I try to get up the steps of our porch, have trouble with the cruches, lose my balance, try to catch myself by putting all my weight on my hurt foot...and go down hard on my front porch. My dog starts barking, our neighbors dog starts barking, and I can hear my neighbor behind her door trying to calm her dog, so I start yelling her name, and I can't imagine what went thru her head when she opens her front door to the most pathetic sight ever and sees me sprawled out on our froont porch, crutches fallen aside and me bawling my eyes out. lol She sat on the porch and tried to calm me down and then picked up my purse, got my keys, and helped me inside. I love her for that. lol

Sooooo that was basically my day yesterday. The rest of the day was spent laying on the couch, foot propped up with Mike bringing me fresh Hello Kitty ice packs from our freezer every hour or so. It hurt so bad though, just laying with it propped up it was throbbing so bad I wanted to cut it off. It's not hurting like that so much today, but I still can't put any weight on it at all.

My husband has been so so awesome though, doing everything around the house, helping me up to go to the bathroom or helping me up the stairs to go up to our bedroom. I love him!

So yeah...that was my weekend, how was yours?


Lauren said...

Wow. With a weekend like that, Monday might seem like a godsend!

Anonymous said...

Yes here's to monday getting here asap!

Lindsay said...

oh no! i love your title for this post and am so sad for your poor footsie!