Monday, August 31, 2009

Metformin Vacation

I haven't taken my Metformin in like 4 days...I've been on it so long now and it hasn't caused me to regulate or ovulate...I just feel like it's useless. I know I need to keep taking it, but in my mind, I don't see it ever working. I've been on it for so long. I haven't had a natural period since January, and I don't think I'll have one till I'm taking the Clomid.

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Melissa Calhoun said...

Just a heads up!!! Don't be disappointed if the CLomid does not work the first month. I know I have said this before, but I have very irregular cycles. Ranging anywhere from 33-38 days. The first month I was on CLomid I had a 36 day cycle. I know you feel like you are doing the same thing you are always doing but please use your OPKs. If I was to follow drs. orders I would have missed ovulation again this month. I ovulated on the 16/17 CD rather than CD14. Does your dr. plan to put you on the Clomid-Estridal-Crinone regiment? Good luck to you!!!

Baby Dust ~ Melissa