Monday, May 11, 2009

Double Doses and Onesies

Today is the first day of taking my double dose of meds. Last week I was taking 750mg Metformin, and starting today and here on out I'm on 1500mg. I took my first one this morning with breakfast and It didn't make me feel too well, headache and upset tummy and I just took my 2nd one about 30 minutes ago with dinner, so we'll see how I'm feeling in an hour. Honestly, I don't mind the upset tummy and as weird as it sounds, I'm kinda loving it, becasue I know it's going to do wonderful things for us. I'd take any kind of pain, just to have a baby in my belly!

The other day I found a website that lets you custom design your own onesies ( and I made 2 for our baby stash! <3 I made them for DH. All of DH's friends call him "Mike Danger" because...well..he's the complete opposite of dangerous *giggles*, so the first one I made it says "Baby Danger". It's soooo cute! For the other one...Mike LOVES Will Ferrell and SNL...and If you've seen SNL's The Best of Will Ferrell, you know the "cow bell" sketch with Christopher Walken...well that's one of Mike's favorites, so at the top there's an over the top cutesy cartoon cow and underneath it says "I gotta have more cowbell". They just got delivered today and OMG they looked sooo cute!! I think the only thing cuter than the onesies, was Mikes face when he opened them...He laughed and had the sweetest "I want a baby" look on his really touched my heart how much he loved them! Now...just have to make a baby to put in them!


Hollister said...

FYI - I haven't deleted my blog, just made it private because I got paranoid since I use g-mail for resumes, etc.
Do you want to PM me your blog related email addy so I can permit you?

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Thanks H, I was wondering what happened...I'll PM you on TMP!