Monday, May 4, 2009

GTT Results

I had my follow up for my GTT results this morning. My blood sugar was good, so no kind of diabetes whatsoever which is awesome. She said that my testosterone level was higher than it should be which made me think I'm turning into a man. Kidding.

She clinically diagnosed me with PCOS and prescribed Metformin for me, which will help my body to ovulate! YAY! I'm excited! She said it will take a while for it to work, like anywhere from a month to 2 months, but heck, I've waited this long, what's another couple of months!?!

I'm really excited, not because I have PCOS, but because I finally have a diagnosis and a medication to counter it!

I just want to ovulate! I mean is that so much to ask? The end of next month, we will have been TTC for a whole year, and during that time to not O at all...well it really puts a damper on the whole TTC thing lol.

I'm happy today.


Lindsay said...

woohoo! a diagnosis! i am so happy for you! :) welcome to the pcos club... the metformin is exactly what i was on to get pregnant... and it did take a little while, but it helped get a lot of my body regulated! (
i love you amy, welcome to the pcos club, maybe its contagious.

Lindsay said...

congratulations! I am am so happy you have an answer, a medication to start trying and that you are one step closer to holding a little one in your arms... i am praying in faith for you... and if i wasn't pregnant, i'd make a toast to your ovaries... well, i can still toast with water. :)
the metformin is what i was on too... it took some time, but for me it worked... i hope the same for you!
psalm 27:14:
Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.


Lindsay said...

haha- i thought it didn't post my last one so i redid it... well, three posts for you.

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

LOL yay 3 posts for me! So now we're Cyster Sisters! lol. I remember that's what you were on, and when my Dr. told me that's what she was putting me on, I told her you had taken it and were successful! I'm so excited! And thanks for that quote, it made me cry! I love you Linds!!