Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello Cramps!

Holy Moley do I have cramps. They started out kind of mild yesterday and my OPK for yesterday was darker than it ever has been, but still not even close to a positive, So I woke up today feeling SUPER crampy, bloated and a bit nauseous so I was thinking omg, I wonder if I'm gonna O ( If I did I know it wouldn't be from the metformin, way too early) So I took an OPK expecting it to be a full blown positive, but nope, not so much. I'm wondering if I'm just feeling like this because of the metformin, which my Dr. did say some people get upset stomachs from it, but she didnt say anything about cramping and bloating.....ooohh I just felt one of my ovaries pulse lol, weird...whatever it is, I'm just excited that maybe they are doing something since they haven't done anything in a long time! Geesh! Gotta earn their keep around here! ha-ha OK now I'm getting delirious and weird, I'd better go.

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