Sunday, May 31, 2009

pushing it back

Sooo, I think I'm pushing my test date back to thursday, because if I did O on the 21st, then I'd only be 11dpo I'm just gonna wait a bit longer. Plus I'm like 99% sure I'll get a BFN, and I don't really want to go all crazy with testing...just wasting my money and making my mind crazy!


Lindsay said...

you were in my dreams last night! i am praying for you and thinking of you! ps- the 99 cent store has pregnancy tests. they aren't the ones with the electronic readouts or anything, but i found out i was pregnant both times with them. then followed up with the "real" ones. :)
anyway, in my dream i had had a dream i was telling you about and you had a little baby who was singing "part of your world"... and you were going to take your test... and i was super excited for you and brought you one of my old 99 cent store tests... haha..
anyway... i love you and continue to keep you in my prayers... i know this is such an up and down time... i remember taking so many tests and being so disappointed... i actually remember feeling total disbelief when i actually got a positive test with jordyn. just know you are so much closer to your dreams than you were just a few months ago... and know i love you. xoxoxoxo

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Awww Lindsay I love you too, and I love your dream!! And I will totally have to check out the 99 cent store tests! OMG I want a baby that can sing Part of Your World!! lol Thanks so much for posting this Linds, I love you and you are an amazing cousin!! xoxo

Lindsay said...

i love you too... one of these days you are going to take the test and throw it away like i did and come back to throw out the trash and go, hey wait, is that two lines? ??
one of these days, you're going to make the best mommy in the world and i know that because you are a spectacular cousin to jordyn (and us too...) and someone very special is going to get you for a mommy.