Thursday, March 5, 2009


I had my Dr. Appt today and I LOVE my new doctor! We talked for a long time and she did a quick little exam. She ended up putting me on Provera to induce my period for this month. She also said that I have alot of symptoms for PCOS so she ordered all kinds of tests for that. When I'm taking the Provera, whenever CD3 for me is, I have to go in that morning and get blood work done. I'm trying to figure out how long it will take, from the time I actually start my first Provera pill to the day I actually start my period (CD1) becuase I have to make sure my CD3 will be a day that the lab is open...Anyone taken it??? She also ordered a pelvic exam and I have that appointment next thusday the 12th. That morning my appt is at 8:15 that morning I have to start drinking alot of water...32 oz to be exact. My water has to be finished at 9:15...and then I HAVE TO HOLD IT TILL 10:15!!! OMG that sounds like it's gonna be the most fun I've ever had... =T

I'm very excited! I feel like now for real we are doing something that is really putting us one step closer in our TTC journey!


Hollister said...

Lucky you!! I'm so glad you had a refreshing appt.
Don't worry, the pelvic ultrasound pee holding isn't that bad :p Uncomfortable, but not painful, lol...

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

lol thanks so much girl! That actually makes me feel a little bit better!