Tuesday, October 12, 2010

21 weeks




Nick and Kristi said...

Oh look at that Bump!!! Love it:) Little Baby Jack is an active one:) I feel Baby Hakes mostly at night and then after I eat...Each week kicks are stronger:)

, said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! Love the dress too!

Lana said...

You look great!!!!!

Julie said...


You look absolutely amazing :)

I just found your blog and just created mine yesterday. I have PCOS and am TTC. I have started reading your journey and it is giving m some hope that I will get prenant one day. If you want tohave a look at the beginning of my journey, here it is : http://juliesworldoffertility.blogspot.com/ .

Have a good day.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful baby bump mama!!! Congrats again!