Thursday, September 9, 2010

One week from today...

We have our first gender scan next Thursday the 16th at 2:30pm!!! *does a happy dance*

I will be 17w2d by then so I'm hoping we will be able to see. All of my ultrasounds always come out a little fuzzy, so hopefully we'll get a clear enough look, but if not, I have my anatomy scan on September 30th, so we will find out for sure at that one! Send us lots of flasher vibes, I hope this baby shows off the goods and we get a good clear look! I will update you as soon as I can on Thursday if we are able to see anything and let you know if we're on team pink or blue!

In other news, I can finally hear the heartbeat on our at home doppler my cousin let me borrow! It was soooo hard in the beginning to find it and I would get sooo frustrated, but now everytime I try to find it, I hear it within 2 minutes so that is awesome! I love that sound! I'm not using it alot though, *maybe* once a week if that, just to reassure myself everything is okay.

I'll keep you posted on everything!

PS don't forget about September being PCOS awareness month!! Spread the awareness!


Greeny said...

Your gender and anatomy scans are seperate??? Suppose that is good cause you get more chances to see your little one. Speaking of which, I can't believe how quickly time is flying by!!! It feels like yesterday that you were announcing a BFP and you are now fast approaching the half way mark! :-O

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

I know it is FLYING by!! My cousin is in ultrasound tech school and she's almost done so we are going to go in so she can do it first and be the first one to tell us what we're having <3 Kind of a special thing! So excited for this miracle baby!

Stacey said...

WooHoo!! Hope the lil one cooperates and shows you the goods!! I can't believe you're 17 weeks already.. Wow.. It's gone by so fast..