Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The kinda sorta happiest place on earth.

DH and I went to Disneyland tonight after he got off work, to have dinner and go on a few rides. Man, it is SO hard not to think about babies and kids at Disneyland. Everywhere you look...dads giving piggy back rides, little ones squealing, moms cuddling kids during fireworks, pregnant ladies.... man it's hard to go to that place without my eyes welling up thinking about how badly I want that. I want to be the one kids cling to when going down the drops in Pirates. I want to be the one chasing after kids with a camera always at the ready.... I want to be the one.


Hollister said...

Oh honey, me too :( I avoid those places. It hurts too much. I hope everything works out for us and we both are The Ones soon.

{R}.{M}.{O}.{D} said...

oh girl, i'm sooo sorry! Wish I could help take the pain away. You WILL get blessed and have your little baby, I just know it. I know its gotta be hard, but chin up (although i'm sure your SICK of hearing it). Big prayers your way, I hope you get your BFP soon!

Jenn said...

Oh for sure. Places like that are the hardest. You go to have a good time and spend your day/night dwelling on everyone elses kids. (((hugs)))