Thursday, July 23, 2009

CD 13

I'm CD 13 today and just really really hoping I'll O soon due to the maximum dosage of the metformin. I *feel* like I have been feeling things in my right ovary, like sometimes a little pinching or just a dull ache, but it could also be wishful thinking. I keep praying that I will O this cycle. Even if I didn't get pregnant this cycle, just to O would be amazing knowing things are starting to work right inside my body. So far all of my OPKs have been negative and I started testing at CD 10 just to be sure. Tomorrow will be 13 months of TTC and I haven't O'd thru that whole time. Man it's hard. Oooooh...I just felt another pinch on my right ovary pleeaaaase let this be it, and please send some O dust my way!


Jenn said...

Hey girl! Showering you with all the "O" dust I can gather up. <3

Tot-Toure said...

Heyy .. it makes me so sad reading about women going through infertility ... i fell pregnant not even trying .. its weird the way the world works .. people get pregnant that are real undeserving (often by accident) then theres people who really want a baby and they cant .. "o" dust and baby dust your way .. hope it comes for you soon xx

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Thanks so much Jenn! <3

Thanks A.M.! Welcome to my blog!