Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CD 21

I just finished day 2 of my 3 days special diet for my GTT on thursday. Seriousley, I think the only hard part of this "diet" is that you have to eat ALOT. My dinners are huge and then you have to eat dessert on top of that! lol Not that I'm really complaining.

I've been reading up more on what to expect for the GTT and I'm kinda scared. I've read and heard the sugar water stuff they make you drink is positively vile, and alot of people throw up... my tummy's feeling queasy just thinking about it. At least Mike's gonna go and keep me company for the 3 hours I have to be there.

I took today off and I was gonna just hang out outside, get a tan and paint cuz I just needed some "me" time. I ended up having to take Harley to the vet because he's been super itchy and his skin is so pink! It turns out maltese's are prone to skin allergies and thats probably what he has. Something to do with the pollen in the air right now. So we spent a good hour there while they ran tests on skin cultures for him. He's gotta be on 2 medications for it for a week, one being a steroid, yikes! I really need to find a new vet tho, just for an office visit, a skin scrape, and meds I walked out of there paying almost $200! Jeesh!

I did end up getting some painting in. It was fun, I haven't painted in what feels like forever! But I broke out my easle and all my paints and went to town! I really need to paint more though cuz whenever I'm ready to transfer I'm gonna need some sort of a recent portfolio to get into an art school.

I'm CD 21 w/ no pos. OPKs...but I'm still testing EVERY single day just to be sure! I really want to know when or if I O. The mailman dropped off my package of 100 opks today so I'm good to go.......... what? I was running low! ok ok it's an addiction, but it's all I can do!

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