Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back from the Dr...

...and all of my tests, my u/s and my bloodwork, were normal, which like my Dr. said, is good that they're normal, but bad because now we still don't know why I'm not O'ing.

She also said that I still may have PCOS even though the u/s and bw were normal, so she ordered a 3 hour GTT (Glucose test) and so I do that next thursday, which doesn't sound like alot of fun. I have to be on a special diet for 3 days prior to the test and then fast that day of the test and have to stay there for 3 hours getting blood drawn every hour. She said depending how those results come back, I'll probably be put on Metformin.

I totally did have a little breakdown in her office too, I couldn't help it, I'm just sooo frustrated with my body! We have been TTC for over 9 months now and as far as I know in those whole 9 months I haven't ovulated at all!!! I just feel broken inside. I just want to ovulate at least once!! Sorry, my update turned into a little vent. Just feeling really down on myself today.

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