Tuesday, August 16, 2011

6month appt and a TOOTH!

So we had Jackson's 6th month appointment today and he's 28inches long and 21pounds. He's above the 95th percentile for everything so he's totally perfect and at a healthy weight for his length (which the Dr said was really long ) I'm sure he's going to be really tall, my DH is almost 6'3! His head size went up a little bit but she said it's starting to come back down with the curve So we still have to see his neurosurgeon on the 25th for the follow-up, but she's sure everything will be fine with it's size!

She said she can tell that we have been working with him a ton on his head shape and that she can already see an improvement and it's starting to round back out again (although it's still off) she said that we probably won't need to do the helmet, but wants us to ask our neurosurgeon about it on the 25th... so IDK what he will say about it, hoping he thinks he won't need it!

Also kind of funny, she was checking his gums and I asked her if she felt any teeth because I thought I could see one under his gums and she said "oh no, no teeth here yet, not for a long long while probably!" No joke, 2.5 hours later he cut his first tooth His gums split open and there it is in all it's tiny white glory! So does that mean we have to brush it now??


Holly said...

wow what a big, healthy boy! Jackasaurus for sure! And teeth? He's growing so fast!

I have an award to pass on to you by the way! You are such an amazing friend and support. Thank you so much!

Mix of 6 Blog said...

I've tagged you in my blog :)