Thursday, November 19, 2009

CD 21

I had my progesterone blood draw today and I'll probably find out the results on Tuesday morning when I go back in to my Dr to see if I ovulated this month. While I was getting my blood drawn the 20 year old girl drawing my blood decided to tell me how she just had her second accidental baby. I wasn't even upset, or jealous....just blank, and I don't know if that's good or bad.

I feel like I'm here but I'm not here if that makes any sense at all. If I did ovulate, it might have been around CD 16 as that's when I had EWCM and my cervix felt low and my OPKs got a bit darker even though they never went fully positive...but I have heard of girls who have PCOS not being able to get +OPKs. I could be just plain CD 21 or I could be somewhere around 5dpo. I have no idea. I feel like I don't know anything anymore.


katemonster said...

Just know that you have so many people around you that love you. People who google every single abbreviation that you use in your posts, and people who are praying for you every single night. We love you Amy, and that you can always be sure of.

Kelly said...

BIG hugs to you today. I can sympathize with how you are feeling and I hope you get some good news next week. You deserve some good news soon.

Sweet said...

Why would she tell you this? Thoughtless. I am hoping that this is it for you.

Unknown said...

I had my day 21 draw on Friday to also find out if I ovulated. Luckily I didn't have some little twit telling em about her accidental kids, as I might have said something not so nice.

Hopefully we will both get our Clomid babies this month!